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Book Hostesses in Düsseldorf

Our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf provides qualified staff for trade fairs, congresses, events, press appointments, openings and other events in Düsseldorf.

  • Hostesses from Düsseldorf
  • Professional, qualified hosts and hostesses
  • Quick booking in Düsseldorf
  • Large selection of hostesses
Hostess Düsseldorf

Quick bookings

You can employ hostesses in Düsseldorf within a few hours.


Personal contact person

You will have a contact person to ensure good and continuous communication.

Large database in Düsseldorf

We have a large database of professional hostesses in Dusseldorf and surroundings.

Exhibition Hostesses in Düsseldorf

Exhibition hostesses are responsible for assisting companies at trade shows, conventions and events.

Promotion Hostesses in Düsseldorf

Promotion hostesses are responsible for targeted advertising with product samples, flyers, sweepstakes, discount promotions and more.

VIP Hostesses in Düsseldorf

VIP hostesses are responsible for looking after VIP guests at trade fairs and important events.

Info Hostesses in Düsseldorf

Info hostesses are responsible for welcoming guests and providing information.

Service Hostesses in Düsseldorf

Service hostesses are responsible for receiving and entertaining guests.

Are you looking for qualified Hostesses?

If you are planning an event in Düsseldorf and are looking for professional support, our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf is the ideal partner for you. Our qualified hostesses will support you in welcoming and taking care of your customers and ensure that your event runs smoothly.



For us, the satisfaction of our customers and hostesses comes first. In all our decisions we have this goal in mind. When you work with our hostess agency Düsseldorf, you can be sure that we are fully committed to your satisfaction.


Large database

Thanks to our large database of hostesses from Düsseldorf, we can react flexibly and quickly to all situations and offer good solutions. Even if a hostess is unavailable, we will find a suitable replacement within a very short time.


Fast mediation

Our hostess agency Düsseldorf offers you a fast and uncomplicated booking of hostesses. Our simple and efficient booking processes allow you to get back to your daily business quickly and without delays.



Reliability is of utmost importance to us. Our goal is that our customers and hostesses can rely on us. That is why we attach great importance to a serious and professional approach already in the selection of our hostesses as well as in the processing of customer inquiries.

Contact our hostess agency to successfully realize your exhibition, congress or event in Düsseldorf. Our hostesses will support you in welcoming and taking care of your guests and make your event a success.

Book now with our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf

Professional Support from our Hostesses in Düsseldorf

Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
Hostess Düsseldorf
  • I am super happy with the agency, there is always someone available if something should be and the payment runs super fast 🙂

    Lena S.
  • A top agency! The communication, organization and support before or during jobs runs smoothly and very professionally! 🙂

    Zana K.
  • I had my first collaboration with Glowstaff as a hostess a few days ago. I can only report positive. Glowstaff takes care of your girls super and is also always available, if what is. They always offer very serious orders. I can only recommend this agency and look forward to further cooperation.

    Mercedes G.
Do you need hostesses for an event? Inquire now!

What is a hostess agency?

An agency that provides hostesses and hosts is called a hostess agency. The main task of such agencies is to provide personnel for trade fairs, congresses, events and other events. The hostesses and hosts help to ensure that the event runs smoothly, for example, by receiving guests, providing information, directing streams of visitors or presenting products. It is their job to help event organizers run their event and provide a pleasant experience for visitors. Hostess agencies have a wide range of qualified and experienced hostesses and hosts who can be matched to the specific requirements of the event.

How do I book a hostess in Düsseldorf & surroundings?

After you have given us all the important information about your project, we will tell you our calculation and a short schedule. If you agree, we will check our file for suitable and available hostesses for your event in Dusseldorf and surroundings. Within a few days we will present you these hostesses with their sedcards, which include language skills, current activities, educational qualifications, photos and experience. You can either choose yourself or leave the decision to us. We can also make recommendations based on our experience with the hostesses. After you have made your decision, we finalize our agreement and take care of the further organization of the hostess assignment. If you wish, we can conduct a specific briefing to ensure that the hostesses are best prepared for their assignment.

At which events can I employ hostesses in Düsseldorf?

Every year, a large number of trade fairs and events take place in Düsseldorf, where the use of hostesses is in demand. The best-known trade fairs include boot Düsseldorf, the international trade fair for water sports, MEDICA, the world’s largest medical trade fair, and drupa, the largest trade fair for the printing and media industry. But hostesses are not only in demand at trade fairs. Hostesses can also be deployed at other events in Düsseldorf, such as the Rheinkirmes, one of the largest public festivals in Germany, or at concerts in the Merkur Spiel-Arena, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In addition, numerous congresses and events also take place in Düsseldorf, where the use of hostesses makes sense. For example, Düsseldorf is an important venue for the international fashion and beauty sector and hosts Fashion Week Düsseldorf and Beauty Düsseldorf every year.

Why is our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf of decisive advantage?

Our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf offers many advantages for event organizers and companies looking for qualified and experienced hostesses. We have a wide network of hostesses and hosts that can be matched to the specific requirements of the event. By working together, event organizers can save the time and effort involved in finding and hiring staff. We take over the search for suitable hostesses and take care of the organization and execution of the event. Another important role, is to ensure the smooth running of the event. The hostesses and hosts support the organizers in creating a pleasant and successful event by greeting visitors, providing information, directing streams of visitors and presenting products. All in all, the agency in Düsseldorf offers a cost-efficient and time-saving solution for companies and event organizers who want to hold a successful event.

Do I need to prepare anything for the hostess?

Usually, clients need to make preparations before booking a hostess. For example, they should make sure that they provide the hostess with all the necessary information about their event so that she is properly prepared. This includes information about the location and timing of the event, the type of activity the hostess will be performing, and any specific requirements such as dress code, language skills, or other skills that will be needed. In addition, it may be helpful to provide the hostess with a list of tasks or responsibilities that she will be expected to perform during the event. This can help the hostess perform her role more effectively and ensure a smooth event. In some cases, it may also be necessary for the client to provide specific training or briefings for the hostess, especially when it comes to products or services that will be showcased at the event. Overall, it is important that clients make all necessary preparations before booking a hostess to ensure that the hostess can successfully perform her role and ensure a positive experience for all involved.

Are there any travel or other additional costs?

Our hostess agency Düsseldorf is set up in such a way that it always has a large selection of hostesses available in the major cities and especially in North Rhine-Westphalia. For this reason, there are usually no travel or other additional costs. However, if the agency does not have any hostesses available in the immediate vicinity, additional costs for travel or accommodation may be incurred. In this case, however, the agency will consult with the customer in advance and transparently communicate all costs incurred. Overall, when booking a hostess agency, customers should always be aware of what costs may be incurred upfront and find out about them in advance. With the Glowstaff agency, however, customers have the advantage that in most cases there are no travel or additional costs, as the agency has a large network of hostesses.